lundi 24 mars 2008

Sur le blog de notre correspondant en Inde

"I just came to learn something awesome about a friend of mine.

J Sifakis was a friend and my senior colleague at INPG Grenoble where I went to do my doctorate. He did his "these d'etat" in 1979, just a year before me. He was a real bright guy. But I did'nt know then how bright he really was.

A few days ago, while scanning the web I came across this incredibly big news. Sifakis was awarded the Turing Award for 2007 by ACM. the Turing Award is like the Nobel Prize. There is no Nobel for Computer Science. Turing Award is the Nobel of computer science.

It gives a great feeling to recall that I worked, lived, walked with great scientists like Sifakis.

"End of the torture
They say all good things come to an end....luckily, even all bad things come to an end.

I took up a one year "vanavasam" in a private engineering college in rural India, with the noble aim of doing something for my own India. At the ened of this year, I now have a hundred reasons to prove why it was not a good idea at all. I now know why no one wants to take up such an adventures. I know why, no matter what you do, these private engineering colleges will not mend their ways nor come up. We will continue to ruin more and more youngsters.

Only way to console myself is by saying -- yeah every body makes mistakes. I admit I made a blunder. I tried. But I failed.

I am now back to my home. I will relaunch my usual activities. "

"More experiences as a teacher....
One year in a rural indian engineering college in a small vilage. I thought things would be better in a college nearer to the city. I just could not spend even 3 months in Karshak engineering college -- I left that place in a huff. I was reminded of the saying "from the frying pan to the fire". But life has to go on. A person like me, who has made up his mind, does not give up so easily. So I have taken up my third assignment as a teacher, this time in a college called KMR Engineering College. I do not know what is in store for me here -- I dont know how it will end here.

Que sera sera."

"One more engg. college
I know one more engineering college ruining the lives of young people. Pity is they flourish. Parents dont care. Students dont even know what they are losing. If you are planning to send your children to a private engineering college in Andhra Pradesh (JNTU), just get in touch. Maybe I can help you avoid a major blunder in your life."

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