mercredi 6 février 2008

Plagairism and Cheating

  • Plagiarism may be defined as : The deliberate and substantial incorportation of another's work in an assessment without proper acknowledgement.
  • Cheating may be defined as : Engaging in action with the intent of gaining an unfair advantage over other students taking the same assessment.
  • Common Forms of Unfair Advantage :
  • collusion
  • falsifying Data
  • Personation : "Personation" is the legal term of what is usually referred to by the lay person as 'impersonation'. Personation is thus the assumption by one person of the identity of another person with intent to deceive or to gain unfair advantage
  • Dishonest Practice

extraits de University of Teesside, Framework and regulatuions for the award of Higher degrees by research, and regulations on cheating & plagiarism in research degrees, edition 10.1, sep 2003, Extract form the Univesity Calendar

Dans le document en question, des exemples sont fournis pour tous les termes introduits.

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